Update CP 1550 MLW

by Norbrass

Posted on 19/04/2021 at 16:51

Update CP 1550 MLW
We regret to inform that the delivery forecast for the CP 1550 MLW Norbrass locomotives, due to significant production delays, is postponed until the end of July 2021.
These production delays are a consequence of some technical complications, resolution of small problems and improvement of details detected in the first production prototypes received (attached image).
Norbrass continues to uphold the highest standards of rigor, quality and functionality in its models and therefore will always prefer to postpone delivery and distribution than to deliver a rushed product that does not meet these same standards and client expectations.
We apologize and ask for understanding to all our customers who have pre-ordered the CP 1550 and are looking forward to get their model in hands.
Best Regards
The Norbrass Team


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