What We Do

Reliable and accurate scale reproductions of brass.

Norbrass offers reproductions of unparalleled quality and thoroughness. Locomotives, cars, boxcars, and wagons reproduced in metal, with great detail, with a perfect finishing, a flawless presentation: a small piece of art to discerning collectors.

The railway modelling as passion and scale reproduction as an art, a balance between design and manufacturing for collectibles.

So we understand in Norbrass modelling brass. H0 exact scale reproduction of locomotives, cars, and wagons with the utmost rigour and accuracy. All details, each variant, all accurately reproduced.

Line locomotives, shunting locomotives, and tractors, electrical and diesel motor vehicles, passenger cars and boxcars, as well as freight cars and goods. Norbrass brass makes scale models of railway vehicles representing different countries and railway administrations. Working closely with builders, railway managers, museums and institutions of historic preservation material, Norbrass exhaustively collects all the information to achieve an excellent level of reproduction.

In Norbrass we combine the design and manufacturing for rigorous, accurate and beautiful views.

We believe that the scale reproductions must be an accurate representation of reality, so every project we invest time and effort in getting all the information regarding the locomotive, car or wagon. We investigated the archives, retrieve drawings, manufacturer documentation, review pictures and videos and we will take measures existing or preserved vehicles. A work we do with the greatest affection. Because we want the rigour of our models is beyond doubt. We want you as a collector model have in your hands you can think you have a unique and exclusive piece.

Only after having the best design projects with all the information gathered, that's when we start the working in production. The finest materials, best quality, copper and zinc alloys worked in special crucibles, temperature gradients by experienced metallurgists. The designs are transferred to the sheet metal to be worked by hand by the best expert hands and with tools and tools specifically designed to achieve perfect finishes in embossed and curved, each piece is painted by hand paints accurate colours to the real. In short, a work of craftsmen to make each piece special, but most faithful and rigorous with reality reproduced.

Norbrass is a trademark of Avaliare Engenharia Lda.