It is with great satisfaction that we can confirm the continuation of the Nohab CP 0100 project.


The Nohabs will be delivered by Sudexpress as hybrid models with body in brass, chassis in diecast, interior and details in plastic.


This model will start a new range of Sudexpress, named Norbrass line that will offer models assembled in brass and plastic.

Now it is the turn of the NORBRASS to enter into line models aged / patinated, depicting the worn look, dirty and used locomotives, as in real life. To this we call Authentic Series, already known in Sudexpress models, where for example, the CP 1400 locomotives and some wagons were introduced in the market with weathering.


And therefore we are pleased to announce that is open orders for Whitcomb CP 1300 Authentic Series through our online store.


Each Authentic Series locomotive will be aged by hand as the reference chosen by the customer from the four models available (1303, 1306, 1310 and 1312). Deliveries will take place according to order of arrival of orders and each unique and handmade patina performed by Nelso Silva.


See the full photo album Authentic Series in our flickr the detail of the models with a weathering applied.

Série CP 0100

Due to unexpected issues in the manufacturing of the NOHAB CP 0100, the delivering of those won't be as expected. We are really sorry about the inconveniences. The new date of expected delivery is about middle December of 2015.


We are working hard to solve the troubles caused to our customers and we apology sincerely.

CP 1500 Series

This series of diesel-electric locomotives consisted of 12 locomotives for line services. They relied on the RSC-2 type of American Locomotive Company. The diesel engines were manufactured by ALCo and the traction motors were produced by General Electric. They were in iberian gauge and circulated in an A1A - A1A axis configuration. Each locomotive could reach a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

Originally they had a nominal power of 1500 hp, being refurbished in the 70s with the aim of achieving up to 1730 hp, similar to their counterparts power, the 1520 series. The refurbishing of the 70 series also included the elimination of a vertical boiler for heating.


Originally formed as DE101-106 series, the 1500 series (1501 to 1512) was allocated in 1952.

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